About Us

Dr. Mady’s Innovation Pvt. Ltd. has started its long running venture under Matrix Educare Pvt. Ltd. since 2013. We are the manufacturer of varieties of educational science kits, learning tools, “Build Your Own” kits like robot and scientific gadgets, etc. We are the manufacturer of Microscope, Telescope and various science experimental and activity kits. We are creating a bridge between education and practical knowledge. The effectiveness and worthiness of our inventions create a new era in the technical and scientific world.

Our Vision

Our vision is not only to initiate the literacy program for higher education but also to introduce ourselves as a “Teaching Friend’ for young learners. We are providing our best to develop an interest in science and technology in the future generation of our society. Our kits provide practical knowledge and thus we are connecting educational and industrial fields. We are working hard to inspire youth’s creativity and STEM education to enhance technological literacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop interest in science and technology in the future generation of our society from their childhood. We as a family are working hard to keep delivering new and latest innovative products in the market. We strongly believe that the secret to high performance and success is not money- it’s intrinsic motivation. Our employees are empowered to innovate and work autonomously without micro-managing, which is one of the greatest drivers of productivity. Our goal is to make a revolutionary transformation and we can proudly say that the goal of each individual in our company aligns with the objectives of our organization.